Sports betting is a very interesting and sometimes profitable occupation. The principle of bets is quite simple: the bookmaker offers you to bet according to a certain coefficient on the likely outcome of any event from the world of sports. The coefficient set by the bookmaker changes periodically. Stability of indicators depends on the opinion of the market (people making bets). After the conclusion of the transaction coefficient does not change.

Bookmakers are trying to offer as many sports as possible and different betting options for sporting events, in order to meet the likely needs of customers. So there are bets on all sorts of events in the sport: how many goals will the team score in a match, or will any player be removed from the field. Football is confidently holding the first place in the number of bets. Next came the hockey, basketball, tennis, Formula 1. If you listened to the bookmaker, made a bet and were right – you get a win, but if not, the office receives income from your bet.

For an amateur betting on sporting events may seem easy enough. In a real situation, everything is not quite so. The outcome of the event is influenced by a large number of factors: the motivation of the players and their functional state, the weather, the venue of the match, the character of the judge, etc. That is why an outsider can beat a clear favorite. It is also very important to find a reliable bookmaker where you can constantly bet. Now there are many different options online, but finding a really good one can be quite difficult. If you are a beginner, then look at the company PinUp betting which offers its customers the best conditions.

Bookmaker forks

In simple terms, “fork” is an opportunity to bet on all possible results of the match in different bookmakers. In this case, it is possible to get a small profit on the amount of the bet without much risk and regardless of the outcome of the match.

This situation becomes possible due to the difference in odds for the same event in different bookmakers, which is almost always present. You should not hope that bookmakers do not know about the existence of forks. But a few nuances should be taken into account: first, the bookmakers themselves set odds, and second, they themselves understand that forks only attract players. That is why bookmakers do not exclude forks at all, but they take steps to protect themselves, make earnings on the forks difficult, or even turn the customer’s forklift money into their profits.

It is quite difficult to find a betting fork. According to statistics, only 35% of players have found them. When playing forks you need to take into account some of the “pitfalls”. So, when spreading a sum of money on a fork a few minutes before the game (and the forks often arise at that particular time), the player makes a bet in one office, and the other bookmaker no longer has time. It turns out that there remains one risky bet and the whole “fork operation” loses its meaning. If the number of possible outcomes is three, then the risk increases even more. Also, some enterprising bookmakers can limit the amount of the bet with a good odds. 
The speed of development of events contributes to the emergence of betting forks in Live-betting. But in this case, the risk is even higher. Do not fall into euphoria if you won at the rate in the fork. A situation may arise when your money goes from one bookmaker office to another and in order to continue working, you will need to return the capital. Bookmakers may require a certain amount for the transfer of funds. Also, some unreliable offices simply “throw” customers using account blocking or a ban on the following rates in this office.