It’s customary to get married in a church, but modern Americans resort to such original decisions as an exit wedding ceremony, for example, on the seashore, in a flowering garden, or any other beautiful place. To do this, an altar and everything necessary are installed on the location chosen for the event, it is decorated with flowers, ribbons and other decorations; priest is invited. An outdoor wedding ceremony is truly unforgettable. But it also happens that the newlyweds wish to hold an extraordinary wedding ceremony, for example, on board an airplane or ship. If there is money, then why not?

Since there is an opinion in America that holding a wedding in a place where there is no garden is money thrown to the wind, for a banquet they usually choose a mansion with a large flowering garden, set up tents and tables, invite people who decorate them. But a gala dinner can also take place in a restaurant.

Agencies that specialize in booking rooms and venues for events help to choose a good place for a wedding ceremony and a wedding banquet. When the trouble of organizing the wedding is almost behind, it remains only to conduct a dress rehearsal of the celebration. The newlyweds themselves, their parents and godparents, as well as the bridesmaids and friends of the groom, usually come to her. Traditionally, at the end of the rehearsal, everyone who took part in it goes to dinner at the restaurant.

In order to be able to hold the ceremony anywhere, regardless of the wishes of the newlyweds, the priest is simply obliged to have with him a whole set of special religious attributes.

This will help him to always be ready for different life situations and conduct the rite anywhere. It is very convenient to have everything you need on hand, because it makes sense to think about purchasing an already assembled suitcase that will have all the necessary attributes inside. You can purchase such a suitcase on the HOLYART website.

So the priest gets the opportunity to collect all the necessary attributes for the visiting ceremony in a convenient package, which means he will definitely not forget anything in the process of preparing for the ceremony. It often happens that ceremonies are held away from the church, but this should not be a problem. Today, every priest has the opportunity to choose a complete set of attributes that will make him hold a ceremony anywhere in the world. Moreover, it will not necessarily be geographically close to the church. Ultimately, this fact does not play any role.

The necessary attributes should include some elements, without which the ceremony of the visiting ceremony is simply impossible

It also includes special electric candles that will work without an open flame and can be used effectively in any environment. In addition to candles, there are other important elements, such as the ceremonial cup, icons, and other symbols. With all these items, the priest has the opportunity to conduct an exit ceremony in any place convenient for people. So such a set of tools is a must-have for every priest who conducts field ceremonies.

It is worth noting that today it has all become more affordable thanks to convenient packaging. Now any priest can choose for himself the most convenient suitcase in which all the necessary religious attributes will be neatly folded. This is an extremely convenient way to pack everything you need to summon to the ceremony at any place. So if you want to do everything beautifully and conveniently, then definitely worth a look at such modern suitcases for priests. They can be a great addition that can make the on-site ceremonies much easier and more convenient.